Forest of the Dead





Data ghost

First Seen In:

Silence In The Library


Forest of the Dead

Main Actor:

Talulah Riley


Miss Evangelista was one of the explorers on the expedition to the Library in the 51st century, to investigate its abandonment.

Miss Evangelista was the personal assistant to Strackman Lux, she called herself his “personal everything”. She was considered dumb by other crew members such as Other Dave and Anita, who joked about her mistaking the escape pod for the toilet – twice. She befriended Donna Noble, whom she thought was nice for not caring about her intelligence. She confided to Donna that she felt like the others felt she was stupid because of her looks, even her father had a low opinion of her intelligence, comparing it to plankton. The fact she had at first thought this was a good thing served to lower her feeling of self-worth even further.

After being rebuffed in her efforts to help her shipmates, Evangelista found a hidden passageway leading to a hidden part of the Library. She tried to tell the others, but they ignored her, so she went to explore it by herself. This proved to be fatal, as she stepped into a swarm of Vashta Nerada. Evangelista had her flesh instantly stripped by the Vashta Nerada, leaving her barely enough time to emit a brief scream. A data ghost remained in her comm system and she remained conscious for minutes after her death. During this time, she exchanged words with Professor River Song and Donna until her consciousness faded away to the words “ice cream”. Afterwards, Donna described her experience with Evangelista’s data ghost as the most horrible experience of her life. (Silence In The Library)

Unknown to the others, Evangelista’s data ghost had been saved to the hard-drive by CAL. Due to transcriptions errors, her face had been disfigured and her intelligence increased, she theorised that a decimal point had shifted in her IQ. Later, when Donna was “saved” and experiencing an idyllic family life, Evangelista decided to repay the kindness Donna had shown herearlier and successfully convinced her the world of the hard drive was not real. When River Song’s consciousness was transferred to the hard drive, Evangelista eagerly greeted her in the rebooted system with the other members of the team who had died. As part of the reboot, CAL kindly restored Evangelista to heroriginal appearance. (Forest of the Dead)


Evangelista’s last words have occasionally been misinterpreted as “I scream.” On the official BBC subtitling, her final words are, “I… Ice cream. Ice cream.”

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