The Eternal Summer

The Eternal Summer
The Eternal Summer


Peter Davison (The Doctor), Sarah Sutton (Nyssa), Cherie Lunghi (Lady Adela), Sam Dastor (Professor Narayan), Vincent Ebrahim (Shardul Khan), Neil Stacy (Major Haggard), Vineeta Rishi (Dawon), Gwilym Lee (Djahn/Lord Edgar), Trevor Cooper (Colonel Creighton/Kimball)


It’s been a long, hot summer in Stockbridge. Longer than the villagers can remember. Summer’s lease is never-ending – and all thanks to the Lord and Lady of the Manor!

One man alone knows that something’s wrong: Maxwell Edison, Stockbridge’s un official ambassador to the Universe. Or ‘flying saucer nut’, as the locals have it. He’ll need help proving it: from the local postmistress Miss Nyssa, perhaps, or the village Doctor, the fellow that’s been living at the Green Dragon Inn these last 30 years.

They’d better hope that autumn never comes to Stockbridge. When autumn comes, the world is doomed…


Many Meetings by Marc Platt: In a café, three strangers meet: Polly, the Brigadier and Thomas Brewster. They share one thing in common – they have all travelled in time and space with The Doctor. But now The Doctor isn’t here, and the world is in terrible danger…
Written by: Jonathan Morris
Directed by: Barnaby Edwards


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  • The Eternal Summer was the one hundred and twenty-eighth monthly Doctor Who audio story produced by Big Finish Productions. It was the second story in a trilogy centring around the fictional town of Stockbridge
  • The TARDIS interior would revert to that of a regular police box again in Father’s Day.
  • The Doctor compared the village’s circumstances to the fake Devesham which he and Sarah Jane Smith discovered on Oseidon during his fourth incarnation. (The Android Invasion)
  • Alice Withers may be a descendant of Maud the Withered.
  • The Lord of the Manor almost utters The Doctor’s true name, but has forgotten it.
  • Maxwell has read every one of Terry Pratchett’s books.

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