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The Spice Route


Estrella was a student who lived on Lahn.

She met the Twelfth Doctor while she was getting a doctorate in the history of the 32nd Triumvirate. Her thesis was on Shalabar Scone. She travelled with a caravan along Shalabar’s spice route. The Doctor was also travelling with the caravan and met Estrella while the stayed in the same carriage. The caravan was captured by Boabdil’s gang of Lahndinians and taken to Boabdil’s fortress.

Boabdil ordered Estrella to tell him a story, but was bored when she began telling him about “a strange man who travelled the universe in a blue box”. He ordered that Estrella be executed at dawn. At dawn, she was chained to a post and left to be eaten by the Executioner. She was saved by The Doctor, who threw fruit at the Executioner and led it to attack the Lahndinians who had tied up Estrella. He then used one of their axes to free Estrella. They then ran into a nearby market and escaped the fortress on a flying carpet. (The Spice Route)

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