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E-Space (also known as Exo-Space or Exo-Space-time continuum) was a pocket universe existing alongside its prime universe of N-Space. It possessed an unusual greenish tint. (Full Circle, State of Decay)

Locations in E-Space had negative co-ordinates, where N-Space co-ordinates were positive. When The Doctor’s TARDIS materialised on the planet Alzarius after it had travelled into E-space, the TARDIS scanner continued to show images of Gallifrey, which had the positive equivalent of Alzarius’ spatial co-ordinates. The scanner was made functional again by replacing its original N-Space image translator with one native to E-Space. (Full Circle)

The planets Alzarius, Terradon, (Full Circle) the vampire planet, State of Decay) Ballustra, (The Invasion of E-Space) Shapeer, (Warriors’ Gate) Isenfel, (Equilibrium) and Apollyon were all located within E-Space. (The Entropy Plague)


The Fifth Doctor stated that the negative co-ordinates would make it very difficult for his TARDIS to travel there deliberately and not accidentally. (Earthshock)

By his seventh incarnation The Doctor was able to pilot his TARDIS between E-space and N-space, and was able to retrieve Romana II from the former. (Blood Harvest) K9 was also retrieved. (Lungbarrow)


Travel between N-Space and E-Space could occur via a Charged Vacuum Emboitment, or “CVE”. This was a hazardous and apparently random process, even using a TARDIS. (Full Circle)

The Logopolitans created the CVEs which linked together the two universes as part of their plan to forestall the overdue entropic collapse of their universe, N-Space, by opening up what had previously been a closed system and thus dissipating the accumulated entropy.

Following the disastrous consequences of the Master’s visit to Logopolis, only one CVE remained open, in the constellation of Cassiopeia (from Earth’s perspective). (Logopolis) Unless further CVEs were later created, it was highly likely this was the route through which the Hydrax would later enter E-Space (State of Decay) in the 22nd century. (Lucifer Rising)


On his return journey to N-Spacethe Fourth Doctor and his companions passed through a strange white void known to its most frequent inhabitants, the Tharils, as the Gateway. (Warriors’ Gate)


The Fourth Doctor, Romana II and K9 Mark II accidentally entered E-Space through a CVE. They landed on Alzarius where they met Adric, an inhabitant of the universe who secreted himself aboard The Doctor’s TARDIS to join the Time Lord on his travels. (Full Circle, State of Decay) they spent months trying to find another CVE. During this time, they encountered the Farrian, who had entered E-Space through a CVE. They had opened it themselves using Block Transfer Computation, a skill they learnt from a prisoner. The Farrian attempted to conquer the planet Ballustra, but The Doctor destroyed the device that generated the CVE, forcing them to retreat. (The Invasion of E-Space)

The Doctor and Adric left E-Space through the Gateway. Romana and K9 chose to stay behind, Romana wanting to avoid a return to Gallifrey and K9 accompanying her after damage to his circuits prevented him making the crossing back to N-Space. (Warriors’ Gate)

Some years later, the Fifth Doctor, Nyssa, Tegan Jovanka and Turlough accidentally travelled back into E-Space when the TARDIS passed close to another CVE, activating a program Adric had unintentionally programmed into the TARDIS. (Mistfall) After landing on Alzarius and travelling to Isenfel, (Equilibrium) The Doctor realised that E-Space was on the verge of collapse due to the entropy build-up caused by the last CVE, which was being opened at irregular intervals to allow the residents of E-Space to escape back to N-Space. Realising that use of the portal accelerated the damage to E-Space, The Doctor attempted to modify the equipment so that it would enable one last trip back to N-Space before collapsing the portal and cutting the two universes off from each other for good, intending to use himself as the power source for the machinery, but Nyssa was able to take on that responsibility herself. The Doctor believed that closing the portal would leave E-Space with centuries rather than days of life, but a decade after she was trapped, Nyssa and others observed a new star in the sky, giving them hope that E-Space would continue. (The Entropy Plague)


Ecto-Space was a stand-in for E-Space in BBV Productions’ Adventures in a Pocket Universe audio series.

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