Erimem: Absolution

Erimem: Absolution
Erimem: Absolution


Another adventure for Erimem, the former companion of the Fifth DOCTOR WHO.

Far in the future, a fleet of ships emerges from hiding intent on burning the universe…

Erimem finds her planned holiday interrupted by space battles, an old friend dealing with trauma, a priest with a Messiah complex and a horde of carnivorous aliens…

On top of all of that, she seems to have accidentally got herself a boyfriend, and he’s got some questions that need answered…


coming soon


What was scheduled to be the next Erimem title, Sacrifice, has had to be delayed due to Covid-19. Work commitments related to the virus have meant that the authorof the book, Beth Jones, has been too busy to complete the small revisions. Rachel Blake has also been granted an extension for her forthcoming title for the same reason. Sacrifice will now appear in late Septemberorearly October. To fill the gap, late August will see the publication of Erimem – The Jewels of Cleopatra (and Other Exciting Adventures).

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