The Pyramid At The End of the World



Main Actor:

Rachel Denning

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First Seen In:

The Pyramid At The End of the World

Latest Appearance:

The Pyramid At The End of the World


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You look – and, don’t take this the wrong way – you look awful.

A top scientist at Agrofuel Research Operations, Erica has her head screwed on. Unfortunately for her, her colleague Douglas does not. When she realises that something has gone very wrong, as the plants that they are experimenting on begin to wither and die, she immediately sets about trying to work out what’s happened.

Panicked but keeping a cool head, Erica knows that if this deadly solution is vented out into the atmosphere the world is in serious trouble. Gobsmacked when a police box materialises in her lab containing two strange men, she quickly fills The Doctor in on everything. She’s so sharp that even he is impressed –”Seriously, what are you up to once this all is over?” She might be able to help him sterilise the chemical, but when The Doctor is trapped in a fuel-filled building that’s about to explode, there’s one thing that Erica can’t help with: getting his sight back.

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