Enola Porter



Enola Porter



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Nathaniel Porter


The Glamour Chase


Enola Porter (née Tucker) was a human archaeologist.

Enola was born in London in the late 18th century. Her mother died young. Her father stopped loving her, so he agreed when her uncle asked to take Enola, who was interested in his work, to Brazil. Her uncle realised that her real passion was archaeology, not travelling. He took her to places to encourage this. He was shot in South America and she had to return to her father.

Enola got interested in a few digs. She settled in a village in west England, where she met Nathaniel Porter. He was rich and owned the nearby Manse. They married — her father did not attend — and she continued her work on the dig. The Eleventh Doctor considered her one of history’s greatest archaeologists.

She left with the Weave in their craft. (The Glamour Chase)

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