Enlightenment Novel Reading

Enlightenment Novel Reading
Enlightenment Novel Reading


Steven Pacey reads this intriguing novelisation of a classic Fifth Doctor TV adventure. 

In response to the White Guardian’s warning of great danger, the TARDIS materialises on the heaving deck of an Edwardian racing yacht. But The Doctor soon discovers that this is no ordinary yacht – and no ordinary race. 

Captain Striker is competing for an unusual prize: ‘Enlightenment’. The crew will be lucky to reach port safely. But with such a prize, would they be lucky to win? 

Steven Pacey reads Barbara Clegg’s complete and unabridged novelisation of her own TV adventure, first published by Target Books in 1984. 

‘This range of classic Target audiobooks continues to go from strength to strength….’

Barbara Clegg 

1984 Cover illustration by Andrew Skilleter 

Reading produced by Neil Gardner 

Recorded at Ladbroke Audio Ltd 

Sound design by Simon Power for Meon Productions 

Executive producer: Michael Stevens

© 2020 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd (P) 2020 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd

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3 hours and 39 minutes


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