Energy of the Daleks

Energy of the Daleks
Energy of the Daleks

Regular Cast

Tom Baker (The Doctor), Louise Jameson (Leela), Alex Lowe (Damien Stephens/Robomen), Mark Benton (Jack Coulson), Caroline Keiff (Lydia Harding), Dan Starkey (Kevin Winston/Robomen), John Dorney (Robomen), Nicholas Briggs (The Daleks)


The Doctor and Leela find themselves in the middle of London at the time of a new energy crisis. The GlobeSphere Corporation seems to have all the answers – but several thousand protestors beg to differ.

What is the connection between the National Gallery and a base on the Moon? Has radical thinker Damien Stephens simply sold out, or does he have a more sinister agenda?

The Doctor has detected a mysterious energy reading. Could it be that the most evil creatures in the universe have returned to claim ultimate victory once and for all?


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  • Energy of the Daleks was the fourth story in the first series of the Fourth Doctor Adventures.
  • In preparation for their trip to London in the 21st century, Leela has followed The Doctor’s advice and changes into clothing appropriate to the era. However, she finds high heels impossible to walk in, so The Doctor tells her that she should wear trainers instead.
  • On the day before The Doctor and Leela’s arrival, a holographic horse appeared outside the HMS Belfast in order to promote the Grand National.
  • The Doctor had intended to take Leela on a trip to London in 2015. However, the TARDIS overshot by a decade and materialised on 30 January 2025 instead.
  • The Doctor describes the Internet as “a 21st-century human obsession.” By 2025, there is a holographic Internet access. As The Doctor does not have a bank account to pay for his Internet usage, he uses his sonic screwdriver on the terminal.
  • There is a major protest in Trafalgar Square, led by Jack Coulson, against the GlobeSphere Corporation, the founder and CEO of which is the technology pioneer Damien Stephens. After the energy crisis worsened in 2021, Stephens had vast solar panel fields built on the Moon, which are intended to channel energy directly to Earth. The energy transfer was due to begin on 31 January 2025 from the GlobeSphere Moonbase. However, Stephens has seemingly made a deal with the energy companies and various governments, which has delayed the commencement of the energy transfer process until 2025. GlobeSphere HQ is the former National Gallery.
  • By 2025, all of the theatres in London have closed due to the high cost of maintaining the required energy. By this time, portable, pocket-sized televisions are extremely common.
  • This is the first Fourth Doctor story in performed Doctor Who to feature the Daleks since Destiny of the Daleks in 1979. Furthermore, it is the first performed Fourth Doctor story to feature the Daleks which does not also feature their creator, Davros.

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