Emily Beckett



Emily Beckett



Afflicted With:

Chuldur family



Main Actor:

Camilla Aiko


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Emily Beckett was a Chuldur who cosplayed in 1813 during the Regency era after seeing the broadcast signals of the television show Bridgerton.

She took on the form of Beckett to pretend to be an introverted “wallflower” in the hopes of attracting a suitor to have an affair with her. She found that Galpin (another Chuldur who was posing as Barton) took a liking to her and flirted with her, leading her to lead him to the library. The pair were about to come together when Ruby Sunday interupted them. Keeping in character, she let Galpin leave and pretended to be devastated at Ruby discovering them, Ruby consoling her and sparking a friendship.

She kept up her ruse when Ruby, Fifteenth Doctor and Rogue found out she and her fellow Chuldur were at the party. However, when alone with Ruby again, and learning she was from 2024 rather than 1813, she decided she wanted to shakeshift into Ruby. However, Ruby used psychic earrings to fight her off. Recovering, Beckett eventually found the others trapped in the ballroom and tried to attack The Doctor, but Rogue detained her. Rogue then banished her and the others to a random dimension in the universe. (Rogue)

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