Ellis Hartley Monroe

Escape To LA



Ellis Hartley Monroe



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Escape to LA

Main Actor:

Mare Winningham


Ellis Hartley Monroe was an American politician who began the Dead is Dead campaign in 2011.
Prior to Miracle Day, Monroe was a small town mayor, described by Vera Juarez as someone connected to the Tea Party who was “trying to make a name for herself.”

Monroe was part of the group in the panel room that Vera Juarez joined on her visit to City Hall. (Rendition)

She was kidnapped by the forces behind Miracle Day, and informed that since she had lost favour to Oswald Danes and her strategy was running the risk of showing the group’s intentions too soon, she was no longer needed. She was bound and gagged in a car before it was compacted, but survived in her crushed state due to the Miracle, fully conscious. (Escape to LA)

A search was launched to find Monroe. (The Categories of Life) Presumably, she died when the Miracle was negated. (The Blood Line)

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