Lady Elizabeth Winters



Lady Elizabeth Winters



Place of Origin:

Ruta III


The Gunpowder Plot

Main Voice Actor:

Emilia Fox


Lady Elizabeth Winters was a Rutan involved in the Gunpowder Plot of November 1605.

In the 13th century, Lady Winters had two doomsday weapons that genetically targeted every Sontaran and was on the way to the race’s “ceremonial” annihilation when The Doctor’s TARDIS collided with Winters’ ship, causing it to crashland on the site that the Houses of Parliament would be built on. This put her and her crew in stasis and lost one of the weapons. In 1605, she awoke and sent a distress signal that the Sontaran Empire and the Rutan Host picked up. She joined the plot to blow up Parliament and King James I with the intent of using Guy Fawkes’ gunpowder to propel her crashed ship, but the Eleventh Doctor, having infiltrated the Gunpowder Plotters as well, intended for history to take its natural course and for Fawkes to be captured. Her ship took off as The Doctor placed Parliament in orbit. She learnt herother weapon had been captured, so she arrived back in Parliament to find it before the Sontarans did. After finding both weapons, The Doctor gave Winters and the Sontaran Field Major Kaarsh the weapon. He had reprogrammed one to target the Rutan Host, leaving the forces in a stalemate. Winters agreed to leave Earth, but angrily claimed that The Doctor had ruined the Rutans’ chance to end the war and that all forthcoming death and destruction would be his fault. (The Gunpowder Plot)


While on the streets of London and conspiring with the Plotters, Winters took the form of a beautiful woman in a green dress. When she wished to be inconspicuous, she turned into a cat. Both forms had bright green eyes. While in combat, she returned to her natural Rutan form. (The Gunpowder Plot)

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