Elizabeth Meadows



Elizabeth Meadows



Place of Origin:



Daisy Meadows


Blood of the Cybermen

Main Voice Actor:

Sarah Douglas


Elizabeth Meadows was the project managerof the GSO digging project in the Arctic Circle. She had a daughter called Daisy, who was born on 5 May.

On 4 May 2010, Elizabeth became one of the victims of the Cybermats when the base was attacked. She was infected by the nano-virus and slowly began the transformation into a Cyberslave, but managed to delay it by using her medicines. By the time the Eleventh Doctor and Amy arrived, her right arm was transformed and she was barely holding on to her humanity. She asked The Doctor to help her put together a cure for the virus, but while Amy and he were away to get the ingredients, Meadows succumbed to the virus and set off to free the Cybermen’s ship. She had Amy trapped in the Cyber-conversion unit as a bargaining chip to force The Doctor to reawaken the Cybermen. After the Cybermen were awoken, they saw no further use in the Cyberslaves and Meadows was killed by the Cyber-Lord. (Blood of the Cybermen)

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