The Elixir of Doom

The Elixir of Doom

The Elixir of Doom


Louise Jameson (Leela), Anna Hawkes (Emily)


Once, Jo Grant travelled in Space and Time with the Doctor. Now, she is travelling with trans-temporal adventuress Iris Wildthyme.

Arriving in Los Angeles in the 1930s, Jo and Iris are caught up in the glamour of Hollywood.

Monster movies are all the rage.

But sometimes monsters are real…

Written By: Paul Magrs

Directed By: Lisa Bowerman


Katy Manning (Jo Grant/Iris Wildthyme), Derek Fowlds (Claude)

Producer David Richardson

Script Editor Jacqueline Rayner

Executive Producers Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs


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  • The Elixir of Doom was the seventy-ninth release in the Companion Chronicles audio range.
  • Iris and Jo visit Mann’s Chinese Theatre.
  • The Third Doctor and Jo visited Los Angeles in 1973, where they encountered a vampire.
  • Iris carries psychic money in her handbag.
  • Vita Monet starred in numerous horror films. Jo met her as an elderly woman on her previous visit to Hollywood in 1973.
  • This story was recorded on 1 November 2011.
  • Jo recognises the tune when the Doctor sings Venusian lullaby to the lizard man. (The Curse of Peladon)

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