Elixir of Life

The Night of the Doctor



Elixir of Life


Product of the Sacred Flame

Place of Origin:


Made by:

Sacred Flame

Used by:

Sisterhood of Karn


The Brain of Morbius
The Night of the Doctor
Dust Devil


The Elixir of Life was a product of the Sacred Flame Flame, used by the Sisterhood of Karn to give them extended life. It was produced on Karn as water from underground springs passed through the rocks heated by the Sacred Flame (which was prone to the generation of sooty residue) directly below them. The rocks contained rare minerals and compounds which were released into the water when heated. A goblet was placed below the flame to catch the Elixir. (The Brain of Morbius)

It could also be used to heal serious injuries, or even (at least in some circumstances) resurrect the dead. 

The Elixir was also part of some invasion plans, as well as the Key to Power and the Tree of Knowledge. These plans were stolen by the Fifth Doctor. (The First Adventure)

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