Place of Origin:


Afflicted With:

Torchwood India

First Seen In:

Golden Age


The Torchwood Archive

Main Voice Actor:

Jasmine Hyde


Eleanor, often simply referred to as the Duchess, was the leader of Torchwood India in Delhi. She was also a former loverof Jack Harkness.

After Torchwood India was shut down by Jack and its alien artefacts removed, she used a time store (the only alien artefact left there) to freeze the base in time, preserving that day within the facility and thus retaining her 21 year-old appearance into the modern age so long as she remained within. The time store required more and more energy to work over the years, so she began absorbing Delhi residents into the time store, making them, in effect, vanish into thin air. By this means, she extended the stoppage of time. When Torchwood Three arrived to investigate, she met them and informed them of her plan to roll back time to the “golden age” of the British Empire all over Earth, permanently. The team stopped her. Jack believed that she was not originally a monster, but had been changed by her extended use of the alien technology. (Golden Age)

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