Time Lord

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Paul Grunert


CIA Coordinator Narvin, Leela and Captain Annos met him in his impartial hospital camp in the Outlands. He was treating combatants on both side of the Pandora civil war. He demanded payment for treating an injured Narvin and a blinded Leela after the assault and the early detonation of percussion bombs in the Artron Forum, which was CIA codes to the Matrix. His medical camp was later destroyed when Captain Janartis and Chancellor Valyes came looking for Leela and Romana II. (Fractures)

It was during this time he was bitten by a pig-rat, and infected with the Dogma Virus. (Panacea)

After the camp’s destruction he sided with Romana, and acted as a medical officer in her campaign. When Romana and K9 had their final confrontation with Pandora in the Matrix, he supervised her life signs. (Warfare)

When the Presidential elections took place, he returned to Time Lord society. During one of the presidential debates, he asked whether it was wise to vest all the power on Gallifrey into a singular post. Matthias wanted the status quo and Darkel denounced tyranny and violence. Darkel was shot and Elbon tended to her minor wounds. (Mindbomb)

Elbon returned to the medical wing of the Panopticon. After Romana was smuggled there by Leela, she warned him the Dogma Virus has spread as far as her ancestral home of Heartshaven, then dismissed her concerns. She showed him Commander Hallan, who placed himself in quarantine after he was infected with a technological variant of the virus. Elbon showed them other patients infected with the virus. K9 identified them as from the Capitol. When Castalan Annos arrived to take Leela to the High Council, Elbon was forced to work with Romana to find a cure.

Romana soon learned that he knew more that he let on. She learned of thousands of zombified Time Lords roaming the catacombs. She went to investigate, not knowing they were under martial law, to find out the infection was carried by the pig-rats.

Elbon, the High Council, and Romana took a Battle TARDIS with temporal weapons to a destination known only to Mephistopheles Arkadian. This led them through Monan Host space, Nekkistani space, Sunari space and finally Dalek space before they landed on asteroid KS-159, home of the Braxiatel Collection. Irving Braxiatel had the cure that Elbon wanted. Arkadian pursued him into the Battle TARDIS, but Elbon attacked him. Romana assumed the TARDIS was returning to Gallifrey. (Panacea)

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