Main Aliases:

Amur Tarkov



First Seen In:

The Healers


The Survivors
The Demons
The Warriors
The Future

Main Voice Actor:

Claudia Elmhirst


Elaria was a Demon Roboman activated by the Enemy Daleks, and imprinted herself on them. (The Demons) She impersonated the daughterof Siy Tarkov and his wife Elicia. She thought her father was dead. (The Healers) She talked to Georgi Selestru about her father. She went to try and get him cured of the Neurotransmitter Failure Syndrome. (The Survivors) Galanar managed to undo the imprint, and escaped with him. (The Warriors) She later wanted to die because she believed that she was no longer human. While locked up with Galanar, she revealed her betrayal that she did not send the messege and it was her that led The Daleks to Velyshaa. As the stunned Galanar demanded to know the truth, a Dalek entered to take him away for interrogation and when he demanded to know where his friend was, the Dalek informed him that Tarkov was becoming a Dalek. The traitorous Demon laughed as the last of Galanar’s so-called optimism withered away, and the enraged Galanar snapped and killed her, just as she wanted all along. (The Future)

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