Easy Dalekese

Easy Dalekese


Note: Limited-availability book in aid of Children in Need – will be withdrawn from sale on November 30th.

Cover blurb:
Q: What language do Daleks speak?

A: English.

Doctor Who aliens all speak English, right? Star Wars and Star Trek are overflowing with alien languages, but for us, the TARDIS’s telepathic circuits translate everything.

Well, sort of…

Finn Clark thought otherwise, and believed he could construct a workable version of the Dalek language, using only the tantalising scraps of dialogue and lettering seen in the television show, comics and books (oh, and board games, computer adventures and rehearsal photographs – Finn’s nothing if not thorough!).

In DALEKESE, he presents the fruits of two year’s labours…


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The Wreck of the World was the fourth and final story of the fourth series of the Early Adventures, produced by Big Finish Productions. It was written by Timothy Xatack, narrated by Wendy Padbury and Frazer Hines and featured the Second Doctor, Jamie McCrimmon and Zoe Heriot.
This is both the last Early Adventures release and Second Doctor audio story to use the sidebar cover layout.

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