A History of the Universe

A History of the Universe
A History of the Universe)


At last, the complete timeline of the Doctor Who universe, from Event One to its final destruction tens of billion years in the future.

This essential reference work reveals the full story of the Daleks, the Cybermen, and the Time Lords. It also includes a comprehensive history of Earth, charting the rise of humanity from a primitive tribe on the African plains to a race of galaxy-spanning conquerors.

Every recorded event mentioned in The Doctor Who television series and the New and Missing Adventures is woven into this fascinating chronicle — with different typefaces used to distinguish the source information. Dates range from the obvious (the Battle of Hastings) to the obscure (the year in which Galactic Salvage and Insurance went bust) While extensive notes explain the author’s reasoning and research.

Containing a wealth of behind-the-scenes information, much of it revealed here for the first time. A History of the Universe is an indispensable guide to the worlds Doctor Who.


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Fourth edition


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