Doctor Who Adventures 354

Doctor Who Adventures 354
Doctor Who Adventures 354

Are you a Doctor Who mastermind?

Prove how much of a Doctor Who mastermind you are, and you could win an amazing money-can’t-buy prize.

In the new issue of BBC Doctor Who Adventures, the magazine is offering one lucky reader the chance to be the Editor for a day.

Current Editor, Moray Laing, says: ‘This is a fantastic prize for readers that love Doctor Who and are thinking about what they want to do when they’re older. The winner will get to make decisions about what goes in their favourite magazine and also see how we write and design the pages too. To win, all they have got to do is prove that they know Doctor Who inside out…’

You’ll also find the second token to enter a competition to win a life-size TARDIS for your school. If you missed the first token, don’t worry because there will be a bonus token in the following issue.


SIX free gifts – including stickers, a notebook, badges and key ring.
Check out what’s coming up in the next two episodes.
Tricky puzzles
What is the ultimate robot?
Dalek shocks! How can a Dalek be good?
Win a Doctor Who box set and figure.
Interview with Samuel Anderson who spills some on-set secrets.
More amazing fact figures!
Find out what the Alien Babies are up to.
Another exciting comic strip with The Doctor and Clara!

· All this and loads more!

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