Doctor Who Adventures 149

Doctor Who Adventures 149

Doctor Who Adventures 149

Have you ever wondered why The Master is so bad?

The Doctor has tried to help him in the past, but he continues to plot all sorts of dangerous schemes.

Read all about this troubled Time Lord in our fact-filled feature.

We’ve also got Vinvocci info, a quiz about The End of Time and we drop in on a cool scene from Dreamland. Talking of cool, check out the top 10 snowy scenes in Doctor Who, too.

We’ve also got a CD to give away to one lucky reader this week. The Sarah Jane Adventures: The Thirteenth Stone, a special story read by Elisabeth Sladen.

Also in this issue…

Who’s Who Collection – Gadget
Meanest Master Moments
The End of Time Quiz
Top 10 Snowy Scenes
Who’s Where – The End of Time
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and much much more

Issue 149 of Doctor Who Adventures magazine is now, price £2.10

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