First Doctor DVD Guide

First Doctor DVD Guide

Here is the BBC DVD Guide for First Doctor, as played by William Hartnell, here you will find info on the titles available to own – click a topic for your choice

All surviving First Doctor serials and episodes were released on DVD from 2002 to 2013.

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  1. Beginning Box Set
  2. Sensorites DVD
  3. Planet of Giants DVD
  4. The Aztecs DVD
  5. The Dalek Invasion of Earth DVD
  6. Lost in Time DVD set
  7. The Web Planet DVD
  8. The Chase Box Set
  9. The Rescue/The Romans DVD
  10. The Time Meddler DVD
  11. The Ark DVD
  12. The Aztecs Special Edition DVD
  13. Earth Story
  14. The Reign of Terror DVD
  15. The Keys of Marinus DVD
  16. The War Machines DVD
  17. The Tenth Planet DVD
  18. Beginning in late 2006, four new release slots were added to account for a new category of”standard” edition releases—comparably budget-priced DVDs that would contain fewer extras than the “special edition” DVDs that make up the rest of the line. Likewise, the definition of”special editions” was expanded to include sets of two or more related serials.

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