Drinking Fountain

Paradise Towers



Drinking Fountain

Place of Origin:



Paradise Towers

Main Actor:

Catherine Cusack


Drinking Fountain commanded the Blue Kangs living in Paradise Towers.

Drinking Fountain followed Melanie Bush and Pex throughout Paradise Towers and eventually confronted them. Mel asked her to explain who Pex was and she told the story of how he had avoided going to war by hiding aboard the Kang ship. She allowed Mel to go free but continued to taunt Pex.

Sometime later, Drinking Fountain led her Kangs into the Red Kang brainquarters and proclaimed victory over them. However, the Seventh Doctor convinced them to work together to defeat Kroagnon and Drinking Fountain went with him, Bin Liner and Fire Escape to the basement. There they watched Kroagnon use corpoelectroscopy to take over the Chief Caretaker’s body. The Doctor was attacked by a cleaner but Drinking Fountain and the Red Kangs pulled him free. They then fled to Floor 304.

There they allied themselves with the Rezzies, Caretakers and Pex and attacked the cleaners. After Pex sacrificed himself to kill Kroagnon, Drinking Fountain joined in a ceremony in his honour. (Paradise Towers)

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