The Trouble with Drax

The Trouble with Drax

The Trouble with Drax

Regular Cast

Tom Baker (The Doctor), Lalla Ward (Romana), John Leeson (K9/Cabot), Ray Brooks (Drax), John Challis (Rosser), Hugh Fraser (Charles Kirkland/Shopkeeper), Jane Slavin (Shopkeeper 2), Miranda Raison (Inspector Fleur McCormick), John Banks (Grunthar/Street-Cleaner)


Altrazar. The temporal Atlantis, a place lost to time. Believed by many to be a myth, it has long been the perfect location for the rich and powerful to hide away their most dangerous secrets.

Until now.

Because the somewhat crooked, not exactly honest, wheeler-dealer cockney Time Lord known as Drax has found a map that leads to its location. And, at the behest of a manipulative businessman, he’s going to use it.

When the TARDIS is dragged out of the space-time vortex, its crew aren’t best pleased to see The Doctor’s old school friend, even less when he pressgangs them into joining a raid on the most secure safe-house in history. However with Romana and K9 held hostage, The Doctor has little choice but to agree. With Drax in tow, he heads for the planet.

Which is where the trouble starts.


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  • The Trouble with Drax was the sixth story in the fifth series ofFourth Doctor Adventures. It introduced eleven new incarnations of the Time Lord Drax, of which five were voiced by actors: Ray Brooks (third Drax), John Challis (fifth Drax), Miranda Raison (eighth Drax), John Leeson (ninth Drax) and Hugh Fraser (twelfth Drax).
  • Drax exclaims “giddy me!”
  • Inspector McCormick claims Drax is wanted for multiple crimes across the “eastern end” of the galaxy.
  • The Doctor plans to visit Brighton, 1851.
  • He comments that the Black Guardian”doesn’t need” a spaceship.
  • The people of Altrazar destroyed themselves by using the limiter to constantly rewrite their own timelines.
  • The Doctor plans to visit Brighton, 1851, and hopes the atmosphere will prove more cordial. (Gallery of Ghouls)
  • Romana is concerned about constantly overriding the randomiser, visiting the same cities on the same planets. (The Forgotten)
  • The Doctor believes the Guardian is long bored with them, recalling K9 leading him on a chase. (The Auntie Matter)
  • The Doctor calls K9 with a dog whistle. (The Ribos Operation, The Stones of Blood, The Androids of Tara, The Armageddon Factor, The Creature from the Pit, The Horns of Nimon)
  • K9 detects an unauthorized avian life form within the TARDIS. (The Sands of Life)
  • Drax refers to Romana I as the “Ice Maiden.” (The Justice of Jalxar, Lies)
  • Drax has a Blinovitch Limitation Effect limiter. (Day of the Daleks).
  • The limiter enables different incarnations of the same Time Lord to meet without the usual effect of memory loss. (The Two Doctors, The Day of the Doctor.)
  • After the Draxs escape The Doctor and Romana, they plan to go to Voga. (Revenge of the Cybermen)

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