The Mysterious PlanetDrathro






Place of Origin:

Andromeda Galaxy

First Seen In:

The Mysterious Planet

Main Actor:

Paul McGuinness

Main Voice Actor:

Roger Brierley


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Drathro, called the Immortal by people, was a L3 support robot made by the sleepers to look out for them and their insider facts While they rested in suspended activity.

Drathro was made in the Andromeda Galaxy and put as watchman over the Sleepers in the underground Marb Station (some portion of UK Habitat) on Ravalox (for example Earth) until AD 2, 000, 000.

He utilised the five hundred people dwelling there, whom he called “work units”, to keep the Sleepers alive and he utilised two people, Tandrell and Humker, as his own collaborators.

The station and he were fueled by a dark light converter superficially. He likewise utilised a L1 robot and a train watch named Merdeen, who helped people to get away to the surface without Drathro knowing.

Ruler Katryca had been intending to devastate Drathro. She would have liked to take his innovation and use it as people had previously.

She didn’t have the foggiest idea, in any case, that the totem she saw as an indication of the divine beings was really the converter.  At the point when Sabalom Glitz and Dibber touched base to induce her to demolish it, she bolted them up.

The Sixth Doctor and Peri touched base on Ravolox to straighten something up and found that the converter had started to rot. Thinking The Doctor was from Andromeda, Drathro had The Doctor conveyed to him.

The Doctor revealed to him he was from Gallifrey and, perceiving the planet, the robot made him fix the converter, however The Doctor attempted to disclose that it should have been closed down soon, in case it make the primary dark light blast, which may decimate the universe.

Drathro would not close it down, in any case, feeling that since he was placed accountable for the people, they would have no capacity without him.

The blast slaughtering everything wouldn’t mean anything.  At the point when Katryca drove her kin to attack the Station, Drathro utilised his vitality to murder Broken Tooth and her. With the assistance of Glitz and Dibber, Drathro was tricked into giving The Doctor a chance to close down the believer


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