Galaxy 4




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The Alliance

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First Seen In:

Galaxy 4

Other Appearances:

Mission: Impractical
The Pandorica Opens
Empress of the Drahvins


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The Drahvins were physically like people. They were light and physically alluring. (Galaxy Four)


The Drahvins had an inflexible position framework. On top were the Elite, with the researchers, pioneers and military leaders. They could be recognised by their red garments. They were permitted real nourishment, could cast a ballot and had an ordinary birth. Beneath the Elite were the slave class, which did humble work. They were misleadingly made and were given constrained knowledge and innovativeness. They would be given a number rather than a name, (for example, “Drahvin One”), were benefited from nourishment pills and were relied upon to comply with the Elite beyond a shadow of a doubt. Guys had no part in this framework and just few guys were kept alive for multiplication, the rest being executed to safeguard assets.

Drahvin government was part up into Ministries, for example, the Ministry for offensive Research. In spite of the fact that the Elite had a vote, there was just a single ideological group and minimal real change. (Galaxy 4)

Drahvins did not comprehend the idea of giving one’s life for a person. Disappointment was viewed as reprehensible and it was standard approach among the military Drahvins to shoot the injured. (Galaxy 4)


The Drahvins had fairly constrained innovation. For instance, their boats were made of basic metals, making them utilitarian however not especially strong. They utilised firearms physically like the assault rifles of Earth, however which utilised vitality rather than shots. While trying to stop the Chumblies, they additionally utilised a work net which could weaken them. (Galaxy 4)


Sooneror later in their history, the Drahvin homeworld, Drahva, was experiencing an emotional drop in temperature, executing the vegetation and driving the Drahvin to discover new planets to colonize. One ship, driven by Maaga and with four Drahvin slaves, experienced a Rill dispatch. The Drahvins assaulted, however were vanquished, making them crash onto an uninhabited planet. The planet was bound to pulverisation and however the Rills needed to cooperate with the Drahvins to get away, the Drahvins endeavored to take the Rill send by power. At the point when the First Doctor, Steven and Vicki went to the planet, Maaga endeavored to trap, at that point power The Doctor into helping them pulverise the Rills and break the planet, however fizzled. The Drahvins kicked the bucket when the planet detonated. (Galaxy 4)

In 102, the Drahvins were among the races who joined the Alliance. They came to Stonehenge and detained the Eleventh Doctor in the Pandorica so as to spare the universe. (The Pandorica Opens)

The Drahvins endeavored to attack Earth some time preceding 1997. UNIT fended them off without The Doctor’s help. (The Dying Days) By 2005, Torchwood Three had gained a Drahvin scanner. It was secured by Yvonne Hartman, who planned to utilise it to open the Void Ship back at Torchwood One, just to lose it in a flame. (One Rule)

In the 30th century, the Imperial Landsknechte troops were prepared to recognise Drahvin ships. (Original Sin)

The Drahvins had rivals in the 309th Intergalactic Song Contest, playing out a melody called “Cloned Love”. (Bang-Bang-a-Boom!)

One of the abundance seekers sent to catch the Sixth Doctor, Heera, was a Drahvin. (Mission: Impractical)

Sooner or later after his sixth incarnation, The Doctor spared the planet Symbios from the Drahvins. (The Crimes of Thomas Brewster)


  • As per The Brilliant Book 2012, a book that contains non-story based data, the Eleventh Doctor asserted a Drahvin had “twang[ed] [his] suspenders”.

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