Dr. Eleventh

Dr. Eleventh
Dr. Eleventh


Doctor Who meets Roger Hargreaves’ Mr Men in this series of fun and charming stories, written and illustrated by Adam Hargreaves.

Geronimo! Dr. Eleventh and River Song take off on a daring and dangerous adventure to recover a lost item of great importance


Dr. Eleventh was the third story in the Dr. Men series. It was written by Adam Hargreaves. It featured the Eleventh Doctor and River Song.
The Doctor and River cross a rope bridge.
The Doctor wears a fez.
River is ophidiophobic.
River calls The Doctor”sweetie.” (Silence in the Library)
River wears brown cowgirl boots. (The Impossible Astronaut)
The TARDIS control room is the version from The Snowmen.
River and The Doctor encounter Zygons shapeshifted as rabbits. River recognizes them right away as Zygons, but The Doctor does not. the Tenth Doctor previously encountered rabbits he mistakenly believed were Zygons. (The Day of the Doctor) River was also particularly knowledgeable of Zygons, so much so that the Tenth Doctor sought her out for her expertise on them. (The Day of the Doctor)


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