The Doomwood Curse

The Doomwood Curse
The Doomwood Curse

Regular Cast

Colin Baker (The Doctor), India Fisher (Charlotte Pollard), Nicky Henson (Dick Turpin), Jonathan Firth (John), Hayley Atwell (Eleanor), Trevor Cooper (Sir Ralph), Geraldine Newman (Lady Sybil), Daisy Douglas (Susan), Suzie Chard (Molly)


Curses and tombs, revenge from beyond the grave – and Dick Turpin!

England, 1738. On the trail of a lost book, The Doctor and Charley arrive at the beautiful country estate of Sir Ralph and Lady Sybil. But all is far from idyllic. There’s a murdereron the loose, and the nearby woods are the haunt of the notorious highwayman Dick Turpin.

And that’s not all. Something else has journeyed here. Something that could destroy the very fabric of reality. The Doctor and Charley have just forty-eight hours to solve the mystery before the whole world succumbs to The Doomwood Curse.

Written by: Jacqueline Rayner

Directed by: Barnaby Edwards


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  • The Doomwood Curse was the one hundred and eleventh monthly Doctor Who audio story produced by Big Finish Productions
  • The Doctor is returning a copy of Harrison Ainsworth’s romantic novel Rookwood to the Archive of Alexandria IV, which is 300 years past its due date.
  • The Archive exacts severe penalties if its rules are broken, such as damaging a book, losing a book, or returning it overdue.
  • The Doctor has met Capability Brown.

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