The Three Doctors

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The Three Doctors

The Three DoctorsThe Three Doctors


Pages 127
ISBN 0-426-11578-3
Publication Date 20 November 1975


Jo glanced up at 

  • The Doctor. ‘Things must be pretty serious then.’ ‘they are, Jo. Very serious indeed. The whole of the Universe is in danger!’

    The most amazing DOCTOR WHO adventure, in which Doctors One, Two and Three cross time and space and come together to fight a ruthlessly dangerous enemy – OMEGA. Once a Time Lord himself, now exiled to a black hole in space, Omega is seeking a bitter and deadly revenge against the whole Universe…

    DOCTOR WHO scripts — awarded the 1974 Writers’ Guild Award for the best British children’s original drama script.



    1. Lightning from Space
    2. Attack from the Unknown
    3. The Menace of the Black Hole
    4. Beyond the Unknown
    5. A Shock for the Brigadier
    6. In the Hands of the Enemy
    7. Door to Freedom
    8. Escape from Omega
    9. ‘All things shall be destroyed’
    10. Return through the Flame
    11. Three Doctors Minus Two


    • Jo is given greater respect from the First Doctor than in the television story.
    • the Second Doctor speaks to the the man from the ministry in person rather than on videophone.
    • An original sequence features the Brigadier, Jo and Benton fruitlessly trying to fortify UNIT.
    • The last name of Arthur Ollis is changed to Arthur Hollis.
    • There is a Young Time Lord in the novel that was not present in the story.
    • The Gel guards are named as Blob men.
    • The Blob men, as Terrance Dicks described them, appear to have arms and legs and a sort of head. This is different from the story, as in the story, they are blobs of jelly with a claw.
    • The blob men are more advanced in the novel. An example is when Benton blows one apart, the legs keep running before finally, the legs fall down.
    • Mrs. Ollis (Hollis in this novel) has the first name of Mary.
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