Doctor Who’s Greatest Hits

Doctor Who’s Greatest Hits


“I can thoroughly recommend this book. A work of love that reads easily with lots of information. If you are a fan, get it!”
~Louis Robinson, former BBC writer and producer; film editor on Doctor Who


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The brand-new, fully re-written 2019 edition of Doctor Who’s Greatest Hits is here!

With over 55 years of television stories, Doctor Who has introduced its audience to some of the strangest creatures, weirdest places, and most dangerous times. Doctor Who’s Greatest Hits takes a loving look at some of the Doctor’s most memorable adventures. From Autons to Zygons, from Hartnell to Whittaker, this book has something for everyone, whether you’re new to the show or a long-time viewers.

The 2019 Remastered Edition of Doctor Who’s Greatest Hits includes:

580 pages (nearly double the length of the original)
85 chapters (30 of them new to this edition)
Brand-new chapter on the origin of the show
New illustrations and original artwork
Each story/episode placed in its Cultural Context
Greatly expanded behind-the-scenes information
Recommended further viewing/reading/listening for every story/episode to help you explore The Doctor Who universe

New chapters include entries on “The Daleks’ Master Plan”, “Power of the Daleks”, “The Daemons”, “The Deadly Assassin”, “The Five Doctors”, “The Trial of a Time Lord”, “Dragonfire”, “The Doctor’s Wife”, “Twice Upon a Time”, “Kerblam!” and 20 more.


From “The Daleks’ Master Plan

The final two episodes bring the adventure back to where it began— The Daleks’ quest to gain the taranium core. They finally do acquire it and use it to power up their dreaded weapon, the Time Destructor. Having ordered Sara and Steven back to the TARDIS, The Doctor steals the weapon, and in one final desperate act to defeat The Daleks, activates it. The lengthy sequence that follows, in which the Time Destructor slowly reduces the surrounding planet to dust accompanied by a mostly dialogue-less David Lynchian soundscape of heavy wind and a ticking clock counting down to impending devastation, is one of the bleakest and most disturbing things in the show’s long history. To make it all the more poignant, The Doctor and Sara are caught in the weapon’s power, and Sara is aged to death in a matter of minutes, the dust of her eroded skeleton blowing away in the wind. No companion death—possibly no death of any character in Doctor Who—equals the horror of watching Sara decompose.

From “The Eleventh Hour

As lovely as the scenes with Amelia are, they’re really just stage setters for the proper entrance of Amy Pond—the girl who waited. Twelve long years she waited. Twelve long years of no one believing her stories about the strange visitor known as The Doctor who came to her garden one night when she was seven and promised to return. Twelve long years of psychiatric evaluations and treatments. Karen Gillan makes an immediate impression as grown-up Amy, with mile-long legs, personality as fiery as her flowing mane, and a grudge against The Doctor for abandoning her years earlier.


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