Doctor Whom

Doctor Whom
Doctor Whom


Join Dr Whom, his reliably pedantic assistant Linnaeus Trout … and Prose Tailor. Don’t worry, not even he knows why he’s (possessive apostrophe or the other sort? Uhhh) in the story. Oh (should there be a comma there do you think? Or perhaps an exclamation mark) that’s right he’s the narrator.

Still there should be plenty of room for all three of them on the adventure what with the TARDY being biggeron the inside than the out. Mind you, have you ever wondered (you haven’t have you?) what that would mean for the smallest room on the TARDY? Yes that’s right, the toilet is the size of an aircraft hangar. Where was I?

Oh yes. Join the Dr., (full stop then a comma – that can’t be right – look there’s a little squiggly green line under it) Linn and Prose as they fight to protect the galaxy from the perils of bad grammar, sloppy punctuation and careless sentence construction. Not to mention, the Cydermen, the remorseless android Garleks and the Celebrity Chefs du Monde.

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