Doctor Who Theme from the BBC Series

Doctor Who Theme from the BBC  SeriesDoctor Who Theme from the BBC Series


Since Doctor Who began fifty years ago, there have been twelveincarnations of the Doctorbut only fiveincarnations of the theme music written by Ron Grainer and realised by Delia Derbyshire of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. The original Decca Records single (F.11837)”Dr. Who” credits to “Radiophonic Workshop” included here is the oongest serving theme to date (1963 – 1979) and remains the blueprint for all new arrangements by Peter Howell, Keff McCulloch, Dominic Glynn and Murray Gold today. We like the idea that the themes last longer than the lead actors…

Just a year earlier another BBC Radiophonics technician, Maddalena Fagandini collaborated on”Time Beat ” using the pseudonym”Ray Cathode” which was used as an interval time signal on BBC Television (we now have trails!). This space-age-pop tune was actually produced by George Martin!

Catalogue number HRKS 8469. Limited edition 7″ single on blue vinyl.

Track listing:

  • “Doctor Who” theme (Original 1963 version)
  • Time Beat – Ray Cathode



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