Doctor Who: The Cybermen

Doctor Who: The Cybermen
Doctor Who: The Cybermen


Numberof discs: 2
Rated:NR (Not Rated)
Studio: BBC Warner
DVD Release Date: May 19, 2015
Run Time: 290 minutes


Released in May (in the US, certainly, but likely in the UK too), the spruced up Doctor Who The Cybermen DVD includes several NuWho stories starring the monsters from Mondas… plus a true Classic.

See the beginnings of the terrifying Cybermen in this thrilling Doctor Who compliation. Few villains in the fantastical world of Doctor Who spark such terror as the dreaded Cybermen – the murderous cyborgs with a bone chilling lack of emotion. This special release features iconic episodes of both the new and classic series showcasing the genesis and increasingly frightful transformations of these creatures, plus all new bonus content tying together the history of these fan favourite monsters.

So that’s the spiel, but what does it actually include? Doctors Ten, Eleven, Twelfth DoctorTwelve, and <5thdoctorpage">Fifth Doctor” href=”5thdoctorpage”>Five are represented with:

Out of those, Earthshock is, let’s face it, the stand-out serial: that two-parter was good, but those Cybermen are far too easily defeated by four Daleks,  Closing Time is very enjoyable, but the Cybers don’t feature that much, Matt Smith is fantastic (as ever) in Nightmare In Silver, but the script is ultimately lacking, and the less said about Dark Water/ Death in Heaven the better.

It just goes to show how in need we are of a solid Cyberman tale in the style of Tomb of the Cybermen, The Invasion or even Silver Nemesis!

As an added bonus, this DVD boasts a 20-minute Cybermen Origins featurette, chronicling the creation of the emotionless fiends.

I might sound skeptical, but I’m actually pleased these sets exist – they cater for a very specific audience and hopefully will introduce them to Doctor Who 1963-89.

at the moment, Doctor Who: The Cybermen will be available for $24.98 in the USA (order from Amazon at the lower price of 9.99 width=) and $30.98 in Canada, and is released on 19th May 2015. We’re bound to see it in the UK soon too.

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