Doctor Who Sound Effects

Doctor Who Sound Effects
Doctor Who Sound Effects


Catalogue number: REC 316. Curiously, several stories are referred to by pre-production titles on the back cover: Dr Who and the Exillons (note the mis-spelling of “Exxilons”) ended up being titled Death to the Daleks, The Destructors became The Sontaran Experiment, The Enemy Within became The Invisible Enemy, The Hand of Death is better known to us as The Hand of Fear, etc.

Cover blurb:

Everyone knows that Dr Who’s TARDIS is biggeron the inside than outside, and the selection of aural locations from The Doctor’s travels will equally broaden your horizons. No less than seven alien worlds are visited, together with some extraordinary, extra-dimensional occurences [sic] encountered on Earth (Sol. 3 in the Mutters Spiral). Add to these an audiogram of the Doctor’s own mind processes, TARDIS operations, some weapons for self-defence and your galactic safety is ensured.
Time-Lord Note: A source of jelly-babies is recommended to complete the illusion of Time Travel.

Track listing:

Side 1:

The Central Control Room In Exillon [sic] City – Dr. Who and the Exillons
The Dalek Control Room – Death to the Daleks
Metebelis III Atmosphere – Planet of the Spiders
Styre’s Scouting Machine (Approach, Stop, Search, Depart) – The Destructors
Dalek Hatching Tanks On Skaros [sic] – Genesis of the Daleks
Zygon Spaceship Control Centre – Dr. Who and the Zygons
Sutekh Time Tunnel – Pyramid of Mars
The Interiorof Xoanon – Face of Evil

Side 2:

The Shrine of the Sisterhood of Karn – Dr. Who and the Brain of Morbius
Kraal Disorientation Chamber – Android Invasion
The Mandragora Helix – The Curse of Mandragora
Atomic Reactor Runs Wild – The Hand of Fear
Wind-Mine Machine – Robots of Death
Distillation Chamber – The Talons of Weng-Chi’ang
Cloning And Miniaturisation Process – The Enemy Within
Inside Dr. Who’s Mind – The Enemy Within
TARDIS Interior (In Flight)
TARDIS Interior (Stationary)
TARDIS Observation Screen Operates
TARDIS Door Opens
Sonic screwdriver
Fission Gun (2 Blasts) – Ark in Space
Tesh Gun – Face of Evil
Gallifreyan Staser Gun (3 Blasts) – The Deadly Assassin
Vardan Gun – The Invasion of Time
Sontaran Gun (3 Blasts) – The Invasion of Time
Gallifreyan Staser (3 Blasts) – The Invasion of Time
Dematerialiser Gun (Switch On And Fire) – The Invasion of Time
Dalek Gun (3 Blasts) – Genesis of the Daleks
Dragon Ray-Gun – The Talons of Weng-Chi’ang

N.B. As these effects were specially made for television use, they are in MONO.


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