Doctor Who Series 8 Soundtrack

Doctor Who Series 8 Soundtrack
Doctor Who Series 8 Soundtrack


Doctor Who Series 8 will be the first soundtrack release of music from the twelfth Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi, featuring the new Doctor’s theme A Good Man? (Twelve’s theme). This 3 disc set also includes the music from the episode Last Christmas and an extensive 24 page booklet with notes from Murray Gold. The score is performed by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, Murray Gold (computer instruments, guitars and synths) and conducted by Ben Foster and James Shearman. The first 5000 copies of the CD will include an extra 16 page booklet depicting the 13 Radio Times posters, one for each episode. All pre-ordered product on this store will include the extra booklet.

Track Listing

Disc: 1
1. Doctor Who theme Series 8
2. A Good Man? (Twelveâ™s theme)
3. Something It Ate
4. Concussed
5. Itâ™s Still Him
6. Pudding Brains
7. Breath
8. Hello Hello
9. A Drink First
10. Missy’s theme
11. Aristotle, We Have Been Hit
12. We’re Still Going To Kill You
13. Tell Me, Am I A Good Man?
14. What Difference A Good Dalek?
15. The Truth About the Daleks
16. Old Fashioned Hero
17. This Is My Spoon
18. Robert, Earl of Loxley
19. The Legend of Robin Hood
20. Robin of Sherwood
21. The Golden Arrow
22. Listen
23. Rupert Pink
24. Fear
Disc: 2
1. The Architect
2. Rob The Bank
3. Account Closed
4. Open Up
5. The Caretaker
6. Are You Going To Shoot Me?
7. When I Say Run
8. That Is The Moon
9. Start The Clock
10. There’s That Smile
11. The Sarcophagus Opens
12. The Artefact
13. Study Our Own Demise
14. Not Knowing
15. Siege Mode
16. In The Woods
17. We Weren’t Asleep That Long
18. Forgetting
19. The Song of Danny and Clara
20. Throw Away The Key
21. Browsing
22. They Walk Among Us
23. There is No Clara Oswald
24. Missy And Her Boys
25. A Good Man, An Increditedible Liar
26. Freefall
27. I Need To Know
28. Missy’s theme – Extended
29. Missy’s Gift
30. (The Majestic Tale of) An Idiot With a Box
Disc: 3
1. 3 Perfectly Ordinary Ro of People
2. Do You Really Believe In Santa?
3. Unsealing The Infirmary
4. Ghosts
5. What Seems To Be The Problem?
6. We Don’t Know What’s Real
7. Thinking About It
8. Clara’s Dream Christmas
9. The Doctor’s Dream Christmas
10. Dreams Within Dreams
11. Believe In Santa
12. Sleigh Ride
13. A Reunion
14. Every Christmas Is Last Christmas


  • Series 8 of Doctor Who, consisting of 12 episodes, began airing on 23 August 2014, and ended on 8 November 2014.
  • Filming began on 6 January 2014, [1] and ended on 7 August of the same year.[2] This was the first full series to feature the Twelfth Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi, he was joined by Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald as primary companion throughout the entire run.
  • Series 8 was the first series since Series 5 to be broadcast straight with no series split halfway through it and the first series of the revival not to consist of 13 episodes (excluding Christmas and other specials), instead consisting of 12 episodes. Executive producer and
    showrunner Steven Moffat revealed that this will be the normal format for all future series.
  • This series also saw the return of the Master, now in a female incarnation known as Missy.
  • Samuel Anderson joined the cast as a new recurring character, Danny Pink, a fellow teacher at Coal Hill School
  • This is the first series since Series 5 to end with a two-part story, and the first since Series 6 to have an officially-designated two-parter.

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