Doctor Who Magazine 485

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Doctor Who Magazine 485

Issue Number: Issue 485
Magazine Type: Doctor Who Magazine
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Editor: Tom Spilsbury
Cover Date: May 2015
Number of Covers: 4
Category Item
Editor’s Letter Letter From the Editor “l remember when I went to the Parting of the Ways BAFTA screening, and Russell said, ‘This will run for ten years.”
Steven Moffat Answering the burning questions posed by DWM readers – it’s the man in charge of Doctor Who!”I like this world… The one where everybody is a Doctor Who fan!”
News Gallifrey Guardian News Items:-

  • Third Recording Block Gets Underway on the New Series (Production)
  • The Unseen Menace (Video)
  • Tom to Return in 2016 (Audio)
  • Myth Makers Event (Events and Shows)
  • Longleat Appeal (Events and Shows)
  • Bedford Convention(Events and Shows)
  • Paul Smith Book (Books)
  • Cast and Crew Beyond the TARDIS
    Letters Galaxy Forum
    Mini Comic Strip The Daft Dimension by Lew Stringer
    Facts The Planet of Decision!
    On the Web Who Tube
    Facts On This Month… 35 Years Ago
    Facts The Decade of the Doctor
    Article Ten Years at the Top!
    Interview The DWM Interview Keith Boak Run!
    Article Back to 2005
    The Fact of Fiction Rose
    Comic Strip Blood and Ice – Part 1
    Relative Dimensions What If You Turn Right?
    Article The Historic Journey of Marco Polo Part Three
    Article Fiona Cumming 1937-2015 The Perfect Performance
    Merchandise The DWM Review
    Merchandise Coming Soon…
    Merchandise The Time-Space Visualiser (April – May 2015)
    Fun Wotcha!
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