Doctor Who and the Silurians VHS

Doctor Who and the Silurians VHSDoctor Who and the Silurians VHS


When UNIT begins its investigation into strange happenings at a secret atomic research centeron Wenley Moor in Derbyshire, the Brigadier sends for The Doctor and Liz. With mysterious leakages in the power supplied by the nuclear generator, the stability of the reactor itself is under threat. A major atomic explosion is imminent. The Doctor suspects internal sabotage. Until an attack by a prehistoric monster while he is visiting the nearby caves leads him towards a more sinister conclusion. What is really lurking there in the shadowy depths? Who or what is controlling the monster? And to what end?

The Doctor must move quickly to arrest a devastating power, active once more after millions of years in hibernation…

Originally transmitted in colour January 31 – March 14 1970, this seven part adventure starring Jon Pertwee was lost in its original form. Only a black and white version and an ed colour American NTSC standard version remained, until now when technology worthy of the Doctorhimself has reconciled the two, synchronising them into one full colour version.

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