Doctor Who In An Exciting Adventure With The Daleks

Doctor Who In An Exciting Adventure With The Daleks
Doctor Who In An Exciting Adventure With The Daleks



The story from the beginning! Here is the exciting adventure of Dr. Who, Susan, Barbara, Ian, from the moment they meet one foggy autumn night on a lonely common beside a Police Box (Ah, but what a curious Police Box!) to the time they encounter the weird Daleks.

It is a thrilling story, and we know this book will be one of the most popular published in the Armada series. Can you wait any longer? Start reading!



Free…free… He thought when he woke in the strange machine that had whisked him away from despair on Earth. But the flight through space had ended and he and the hollow-eyed girl he found by his side were strangling in the poisoned air they swallowed with every breath. And around them lay a world in ashes controlled by a hidden city of monstrous machines.

To sleep on earth… and awaken to interplanetary horror!


This is DOCTOR WHO’s first exciting adventure – with the DALEKS! Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright travel with the mysterious DOCTOR WHO and his grand-daughter, Susan, to the planet of Skaro in the space-time machine, TARDIS. There they strive to save the peace-loving Thals from the evil intentions of the hideous DALEKS. Can they succeed? And what is more important, will they ever again see their native Earth?


“The voice was all on one level, without any expression at all, a dull monotone that still managed to convey a terrible sense of evil…”

The mysterious First Doctor” href=”1stdoctorpage”>Doctor and his granddaughter Susan are joined by unwilling adventurers Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright in an epic struggle for survival on an alien planet.

In a vast metal city they discover the survivors of a terrible nuclear war – The Daleks. Held Captive in the deepest levels of the city, can The Doctor and his companions stop the Daleks’ plan to totally exterminate their mortal enemies, the peace-loving Thals? More importantly, even if they can escape from the Daleks, will Ian and Barbara ever see their home planet Earth again?

This Novel is based on the second Doctor Who story which was originally broadcast from 21 December 1963-1 February 1964. This was the first ever Doctor Who Novel, originally published in 1964.

Featuring the First Doctor” href=”1stdoctorpage”>First Doctoras played by William Hartnell, and his companions Susan, Ian and Barbara.


  • This novel established the practice, later followed for a time by Target Books, of assigning titles to novelisations that differed from the broadcast teleplays. (The title subsequently assigned to this story, The Daleks, is included as part of the book’s original title, its use on editions from 1973 onwards led to it being subsequently used for the television story.)
  • Internal illustrations were by Arnold Schwartzman.
  • The 1965 paperback edition by Armada was the first Doctor Who paperback release. This edition uses the variant title Dr. Who in an Exciting Adventure with the Daleks and is one of the only Doctor Who book releases to use the technically incorrect”Dr. Who” name abbreviation.
  • The 1967 edition by Avon Books was the first American edition of a Doctor Who book, predating a later series of American novelisation editions by nearly a decade.
  • For the first time in nearly twenty years, the book was re-released by BBC Books in 2011. An introduction by Neil Gaiman (the writer of television stories The Doctor’s Wife and Nightmare In Silver) was included and the title of the book reverted to Doctor Who and the Daleks.
  • A paperback edition was issued on 4 October 1965 by May Fair Books Ltd, under the “Armada Paperbacks for Boys & Girls” imprint (priced 2s 6d). This version did not use Schwartzman’s artwork, instead having a cover and six illustrations by Peter Archer. This was the first Doctor Who novel to be published in paperback.
  • It was reprinted as the first title in the new range of Doctor Who novelisations planned by Target Books. It was published 2 May 1973 as Doctor Who and the Daleks with the subtitle”Based on the popular BBC television serial”.
  • The hardback edition illustrations were retained.
  • Chris Achilleos reused Ron Turner’s Dalek artwork on his cover. The Daleks were from The Rogue Planet and the title graphic of the Dalek Chronicles from Legacy of Yesteryear onward.
  • Several different colour variants were used for the cover of the original Muller edition.

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