Doctor Who DVD documentaries



The A to Z of Gadgets and Gizmos
After Image
All Aboard the Starliner
All’s Wells That Ends Wells
Anti-Matter from Amsterdam


Backstage at Christmas (CON episode)
Beginning the End
Behind the Sofa: Robert Holmes and Doctor Who
Being Doctor Who
Being Nice to Each Other
Beneath the Sun
Big Finish Talks Back: Paul McGann and India Fisher (documentary)
Blasting the Past
The Blood Show
The Boy with the Golden Star
Breaking Point
Built for War


Calling the Shots
Can You Hear the Earth Scream?
Casting off!
Changing Time
Character Design
Cheques, Lies and Videotape
Christopher Barry: Director
The Cold War
Colour Silurian Overlay
Creation of the Daleks (documentary)
The Crowded TARDIS
Cusick in Cardiff
The Cyber Story


The Dalek Tapes
Daleks Beyond the Screen
Daleks Conquer and Destroy
A Darker Side
Davros Connections
Defending the Museum
Defining Shadows
The Depths
Designing The Aztecs
Designs on Karn
Designs on Sarn
Destroy All Monsters!
Did You See?
Directing Who
Doctor Who Confidential: The Night’s Tale (CON episode)
Doctor Who Stories – Frazer Hines
Doctor Who: Endgame
Doctor Who: Origins
The Doctor’s Moriarty
The Doctor’s Strange Love
Double Trouble (documentary)
Down to Earth (documentary)
Dream Time
The Dreaming (documentary)
Dreams and Fantasy
Driven to Distractation


The Elusive David Agnew
The End of the Line?
Evolution of the Invasion


The Fact of Fiction (documentary)
Film Restoration
The Final Curtain
The Final End
A Fishy Tale
The Flames of Sarn
Flash Frames
The Frighten Factor
Future Memories
Future Visions


The Gallifreyan Candidate
Getting a Head
Getting Blood from the Stones
Girls! Girls! Girls!
Going Underground


Hello Sailor!
Highlander – The Jamie McCrimmon Story
Hugh and Us
The Humans of Tara


IMC Needs You!
In Studio
Industrial Action
Inside the Spaceship (documentary)
Into the Unknown (documentary)
Into the Wild


Jacqueline Hill – A Life in Pictures
Jon and Katy
Jurassic Larks


Kamelion – Metal Man


Lalla’s Wardrobe
The Lambert Tapes – The Doctor
The Last Chance Saloon
The Last Dalek (documentary)
The Last Daleks
The Last Hurrah
Last Stop White City
Leisure Wear
Life on Earth
Light in Dark Places
Location Film Sequences
The Lost Season
The Lost Twelve Seconds
Love off-Air
Lunar Landing


Magna Carta (documentary)
The Making of the Trial of a Time Lord
The Making of the Trial of a Time Lord: Part Four – The Ultimate Foe
The Making of the Trial of a Time Lord: Part One – Mysterious Planet
The Making of the Trial of a Time Lord: Part Three – Terror of the Vervoids
The Making of the Trial of a Time Lord: Part Two – Mindwarp
Making the Malus
Masters of Sound
The Matrix Revisited
A Matterof Time
Meglos Men
Monsters Who Came Back For More!
Mounting The Rescue
Mouth on Legs
Mutt Mad
My Grandfather, The Doctor


A New Beginning
A New Body at Last
New Zealand Censor Clips
Now and then
Now, Get Out of That


The Omega Factor
On Target
One Hit Wonder
Origins of the Universe (documentary)
Out of Time (documentary)
Over the Edge


PanoptiCon 93
Paris in the Springtime
Parrot Fashion
The Peladon Saga
Philip Madoc – A Villain for all Seasons
Planetary Performance
Plastic Fantastic
Playing in the Green Cathedral
Points of View
Putting the Shock into Earthshock


Race Against Time (documentary)
Recharge and Equalise
Rediscovering the Urge to Live
Regenerations: From Black and White to Colour
Remembering Anthony Ainley
Remembering The Aztecs
Restoration (The Tomb of the Cybermen)
Restoring The Aztecs
The Return of the Master
Return to Little Hodcombe
Return to the Planet of Fire
Reverse Standards Conversion – The Axon Legacy
The Ribos File
The Rise and Fall of Gallifrey
Riverside Story
Robophobia (documentary)
Rogue Time Lords
Roma Parva
The Rumble in the Jungle
Running from the Tax Man


The Sandmine Murders
The Scene Sync Story
Scoring The Visitation
Script to Screen (documentary)
Second Time Around
Secret Voices of the Sense-Sphere
Serial Thrillers
Set Tour
The Sets of Marinus
The Seven Year Hitch
Shades of Grey (documentary)
Shawcraft – The Original Monster Makers
Single Write Female
Snake Charmer
So What Do You Do Exactly?
Sssowing the Ssseedsss
The Story of the Guardians
Stripped for Action
Suddenly Susan


Tales of Isop
Talking About Regeneration
Talking Daleks
Team Erato
Terror Nation
There’s Something About Mary…
they Came from Beneath the Sea
The Thrill of the Chase
The Ties That Bind Us
The Tin Men and the Witch
Tomorrow’s Times


The UNIT Dating Conundrum
The UNIT Family


The Vampire Lovers
Vision On


War Zone (documentary)
Warriors of Mars
What has “The Romans” ever done for us?W
Who Peter
Who Wants to Live Forever?
The Wilderness Years
Winner Takes All (documentary)
WOTAN Assembly

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