The Diary of River Song: Series 6

The Diary of River Song Series 6
The Diary of River Song Series 6

Regular Cast

Alex Kingston (River Song), Claudia Grant (Susan Foreman), Jamie Glover (Ian Chesterton), Jemma Powell (Barbara Wright), Ralph Watson (Captain Ben Knight), Christopher Benjamin (Henry Gordon Jago), Owen Aaronovitch (Mr Newbold / Mitchell), Guy Adams (Ogrons), Samuel Clemens (Corporal Buscombe / The Intelligence), John Paul Connolly (Casey), Edward Dede (Lloyd Walker), Kathryn Drysdale (Erin Harris), bNicholas Goh (Li H’Sen Chang / Mr Sin), Lizzie Stables (Sheila Page / Nightstalker), Dan Starkey (Commander Sturmm / Sontarans), Mandi Symonds (Maude / Neon), Milly Thomas (Celestine Sorbonne / Maisie Bunting), Clive Wood (Dibbsworth), Angus Wright (Magnus Greel)


River Song has many ways to amuse herself away from her husband. And with access to The Doctor’s diary, she knows exactly when he might be around, and when best to slip in unnoticed and liberate valuable trinkets…
But first of all, she must ensure he makes it out of Totters Lane alive!

6.1 An Unearthly Woman by Matt Fitton

Coal Hill School has a new member of staff: an educated woman, who seems to specialise in every subject. Meanwhile, teachers Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright have concerns over the behaviourof one of their pupils.

Susan Foreman is intrigued by Dr Song, but something else is stalking her in the darkness and fog of London, 1963…

6.2 The Web of Time by John Dorney

The capital has been evacuated. Monsters stalk the Underground. For River, it’s the perfect opportunity to steal a priceless artwork, so long as she can avoid looters, soldiers and an alien invasion.

With the gallant Captain Knight at her side, River faces the Great Intelligence and its Yeti army. But her biggest challenge may be keeping time itself on track…

6.3 Peepshow by Guy Adams

Miniscope parts fetch quite a price on the open market – luckily, River knows where she can find one that’s about to be decommissioned. Unfortunately, this particular miniscope is chock-full of aliens, as well as unsuspecting Earthlings.

River must face a carnival of monsters before she can claim her prize – across miniature habitats, Ogrons, sontarans and Drashigs await!

6.4 The Talents of Greel by Paul Morris

River visits Victorian London on the trail of anachronistic technology. But when young women are stolen from the streets, she takes a stand. River’s investigation leads to theatre impresario Henry Gordon Jago, and his latest star act: Li H’Sen Chang and the unnerving Mr Sin. But if River’s going undercover at the Palace Theatre, she needs to have a song…



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Alex Kingston is set to reprise her stellar role as The Doctor’s wife, River Song, in two more audio series of the The Diary of River Song from Big Finish Productions – with River going back in time to clean up her husband’s timeline…

Another two series of the The Diary of River Song can be confirmed today, with Series Six arriving in August 2019 followed by Series Seven in January 2020.

After meeting fiveincarnations of the Doctor and fourincarnations of the Doctor’s mortal enemy, The Master, while exploring time and space, River continues to travel the cosmos. However, she’ll be crashing into The Doctor’s timeline during some of the most famous Doctor Who stories of all time!

Big Finish will be confirming more details over the coming weeks, but today we can reveal that in the final story of the The Diary of River Song Series Six, River will be travelling back to Victorian London, just before the classic Fourth Doctor story, The Talons of Weng Chiang.

In The Talents of Greel, by Paul Morris, River will be playing detective, working out what is happening to the performers of London town, and her investigations take her to the Palace Theatre where she’ll meet Henry Gordon Jago, played by Christopher Benjamin.

Angus Wright (Kingdom of Heaven, The Iron Lady) plays Magnus Greel (reprising the role from an earlier audio adventure, The Butcherof Brisbane), Nicholas Goh plays Li H’Sen Chang and the villainous ventriloquist’s doll, Mr Sin, and Casey the Irishman is played by John Paul Connolly.

David Richardson, producer, tells us more: “Working in the wonderful world of the Talons of Weng Chiang is not unusual for me having produced so many spin- off audio adventures for Jago and Litefoot. Here we are back at the Palace Theatre, in those last days before Jago met Litefoot, when the maniac Magnus Greel is skulking below in his secret laboratory, and his servant Li H’Sen Chang is performing on stage and doing his master’s bidding.

“We’ve worked hard to authentically recreate the story – think of this as episode zero of the Talons of Weng Chiang, our guest cast all watched the original before coming to the studio. Needless to say Angus Wright, Nicholas Goh and John Paul Connolly make a fantastic Greel, Chang and Casey!”

Alex Kingston told us more about side-stepping into these classic stories from the Whoniverse: “I’m loving the idea of going back and utilising stories already aired… it’s a real writers’ time travel! It’s lovely to stay holding onto these series from the past, bringing back these characters and giving them life again. There’s endless opportunities! Let’s just not go to the giant maggots…

“Christopher Benjamin is just delightful and extraordinary… he has a fabulous voice, and he is very funny!”

Further details on Series Six? Time will tell…

You can pre-order series six and series seven of the The Diary of River Song now, available for release in August 2019 and January 2020, priced at £25 on CD or £20 on download. Or save in a bundle together with both series six and series seven at £48 on CD or £40 on download.

More details can be revealed today about the next box set of the The Diary of River Song. What adventures will River Song (played by Alex Kingston) be getting involved in this time?

After meeting fiveincarnations of the Doctor and fourincarnations of the Doctor’s mortal enemy, The Master, while exploring time and space, River continues to travel the cosmos. However, she’ll be crashing into The Doctor’s timeline during some of the most famous Doctor Who stories of all time!

In further details on the sixth series of the The Diary of River Song, we can reveal today that River Song will return to London but this time during an invasion of Abominable Snowmen!

Set during the classic Second Doctor television episode The Web of Fear, The Web of Time by John Dorney will see River using all her archaeological skills as she navigates the London Underground in search of… a painting.

With deadly webs and even more deadly Yeti, River Song will have to navigate an ancient invasion and prevent altering the course of time itself. Joining her in this adventure will be Ralph Watson, who played the character Captain Knight in The Web of Fear in 1968 – five decades ago!

Alex Kingston and Ralph Watson

Ralph tells us about returning to the role after 50 years: “It’s full of opportunities isn’t it? I can see an endless panorama of ways back and in and out… especially as it explores new territories, it’s not a revamp of something already done. Here there is a lot about people’s motives and actions, and River is closely examined… as well as me!”

And Alex Kingston told us how she feels about Doctor Who: “The Doctor and his assistants were very real to me (as a child), I still, to this day, look through the dark hole of the London Underground and expect threats like The Daleks coming through!”

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