Great Houses

Place of Origin:

The Homeworld

First Seen In:

The Book of the War


Academician Devonire was a diplomat for the Great Houses and the first Academician for Game Logic.
After the War in Heaven began, Devonire felt that the bickering and disagreements from various groups on the Homeworld should end so they could stand united against the enemy. Using game logic, he successfully negotiated several peace treaties, returning to the Homeworld several bloodlines that had left during the diaspora. However, his failure with Faction Paradox led to his downfall.

Obsessed with the Faction’s refusal to negotiate, he tried to come up with some sort of peace offering. He came to the conclusion, through misunderstanding of the renegade group’s motivations, that finding and returning Grandfather Paradox’s severed arm would accomplish this. Even when the Faction clarified they held it in no special regard, Devonire still sought to find the arm and present it out of sheer monomania.

He believed that the Immaculata Formosii had it, and met heron Kaiwar to obtain it. The price she demanded was simple, his arm for the Grandfather’s. He refused, grabbing the arm and escaping.

However, when he offered the Arm to the Faction, they replied that the arm was his and they had no use for it. A biodata examination confirmed their statement.

Devonire became stricken with severe paradox anxiety, he returned to his quarters, cut off his own arm, went to his balcony, and threw it away. Wandering the hallways bleeding, he declared he was Grandfather Paradox. When taken away for treatment, he said it only made sense that the Faction created the Grandfather after the Grandfather created the Faction. He never recovered from this anxiety, and the Great Houses froze him in their prison, partially in fear that he was right. (The Book of the War)

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