Destiny of the Daleks Novel Reading

Destiny of the Daleks Novel Reading
Destiny of the Daleks Novel Reading


Tom Baker stars as the Fourth Doctor in this soundtrack adventure by Terry Nation, with linking narration by Lalla Ward

On Skaro, the home world of the Daleks.

The Doctor encounters the militaristic Movellans – who have come to Skaro on a secret mission – whilst his companion Romana falls into the hands of the The Daleks themselves. It soon becomes apparent that The Daleks have returned to their abandoned home city with a crucial objective, one which they hope will give them the advantage in a strategic war.

When the Fourth Doctor realises what The Daleks are up to, he is compelled to intervene. But he has not bargained for the Movellans having a few secrets of their own, and soon he, Romana and the human refugee Tyssan are wondering who exactly they can trust. Moreover, will they be able to divert The Daleks from their self-proclaimed destiny?

Lalla Ward narrates this classic full-cast adventure, written by Terry Nation, and in a special bonus interview she recalls her time as Romana in the BBC series. Also included are colour PDF files of the original camera scripts.

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1 hour 58 minutes


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