Destiny of the Daleks


Doctor Who And Destiny of the DaleksDoctor Who And Destiny of the DaleksDoctor Who And Destiny of the Daleks


Pages 110
ISBN 0-426-20096-9
Publication Date 20 November 1979


Landing on an apparently devastated planet, the Fourth Doctor and Romana make a horrifying discovery.

The planet is Skaro, home-world of the Daleks.

The Daleks are excavating in order to find and revive Davros, the mad, crippled, scientific genius who first created them.

They hope that he will give them the scientific superiority to break the deadlock with their Movellan enemies.

Faced once more with the deadly and seemingly indestructible Daleks, The Doctor’s wits and strength are stretched to their very limits …



  1. The Dead City
  2. Underground Evil
  3. The Daleks
  4. The Movellans
  5. Slaves of the Daleks
  6. Escape
  7. The Secret of the Daleks
  8. The Prisoner
  9. The Hostages
  10. The Bait
  11. Stalemate
  12. Suicide Squad
  13. Blow-up
  14. Departure


  • The novel maintains the original script idea to have all the action on Skaro take place at night, shrouded by darkness.
  • During The Doctor’s escape from the Dalek command centre, the Daleks use hoverbouts to chase him.
  • Tyssan tries to bully The Doctor and Romana into going with the prisoners to put Davros on trial.
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