Delta and the Bannermen

Delta and the Bannermen

Delta and the Bannermen


The Chimeron homeworld is attacked by Gavrok and his troops – the Bannermen. The sole survivor is the Chimeron Queen, Delta, who flees carrying with her the last chance for the future of her race…

The Doctor and Mel arrive at a Galactic Tollport, to discover they’ve won a holiday to Disneyland in 1959, alongside a party of disguised alien Navarinos. Just before they all depart, the tour is joined by Delta, who travels with them back to Earth…

Colliding with anearly American satellite, the trip back in time is thrown widely off course. Instead of ending up at Disneyland, the whole party lands instead at the Shangri-La holiday camp in South Wales, 1959.

The Doctor and Mel take full advantage of the holiday camp, entertainment and some vintage rock ‘n’ roll. But the Bannermen are tracking Delta, and before long the holiday camp is the scene for a battle that could decide the survival of the Chimeron race – not to mention the survival of all those caught up in the conflict…

Originally transmitted 2nd – 16th November 1987.

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Delta and the Bannermen was the third episode of season 24.

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