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State Of DecayState Of Decay


A brand new unabridged reading by Geoffrey Beevers, with K9′s voice by John Leeson.

Searching for a way out of E-Space, The Doctor and Romana, joined by a young stowaway, land on a planet eerily similar to Medieval Earth. Its people live in fear, under the thumb of the Three Who Rule, cruel lords who suppress all learning to keep their subjects ignorant and helpless. The Doctor falls in with a group of rebels and discovers a cache of advanced technology banned by the Three Who Rule. But who are these ruthless monarchs? Meeting the lords and exploring their tower, he and Romana uncover a chilling secret. The Doctor realises an ancient evil is rising once again, a terrible threat to the universe fought by his own race long ago, and one that only he can destroy now.




  • State of Decay episode guide
  • 4th Doctor page and Romana profiles
  • In between their defeat of the Vampires and their departure, The Doctor and Romana had a run-in with some other vampires, and are barely saved by the Eighth Doctor in The Eight Doctors
  • Terrance Dicks’ replacement script was Horror of Fang Rock.The script was kept and then put into production. Dicks struggled however to add Adric into it.
  • Working titles for this story included; The Wasting, The Vampire Mutations and The Witch Lords.
  • For the only time during his era as The Doctor, Tom Baker had to have his hair permed before filming commenced. It had lost its natural curl due to the actor being in ill health.


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