Death’s Deal

Death's Deal
Death’s Deal

Responding to multiple maydays, the TARDIS lands on the planet of Death’s Deal, but the distress calls are old, the final echoes of terrified lost souls. This is an exotic world of lethal creatures, nicknamed ‘The Deadliest Planet in the Galaxy’, and only the brave, foolhardy or greedy would ever dare to visit.

Finding themselves stranded among a motley bunch of space-tourists, The Doctor and Donna must lead a struggle for survival against the frenzied wildlife, as they slowly realise that other members of the group have very different agendas.

And soon The Doctor learns of an even bigger threat hiding on Death’s Deal. Somewhere deep below the surface, is something that must never be unearthed. Time is running out, and only an impossible survivor holds the key.


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  • Death’s Deal was the tenth release of the Destiny of The Doctor audio series, produced by Big Finish Productions
  • The Doctor remembers that one of his friends was a shape-shifter (The Shape Shifter) and that his arch enemy was a master of disguise. (Castrovalva, Time-Flight, Dust Breeding)
  • The Eleventh Doctor says it would have been cool if he was ginger. (The Christmas Invasion, The End of Time)
  • The Eleventh Doctor leaves a message in the distress beacon of the Howling Jupiter to tell his previous self to stop the Wraith Mining Cartel, by locating Professor Merrit Erskine, protecting Erskine’s daughter, and making sure the existence of slaughter crystals is made known to galactic authorities

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