Death Match

Death Match

Death Match


Regular Cast

Tom Baker (The Doctor), Louise Jameson (Leela), John Leeson (K9), Geoffrey Beevers (The Master), Susan Brown (Kastrella), Andy Secombe (Vargrave)


The Death Match is under new management. The Hunt Master’s Champion has been installed. All regular players are welcomed back to the Pursuit Lounge to observe the contest in luxurious surroundings. Privacy is assured. For this reason we ask our elite guests to abide by the strict security protocols. Please note, the house has no limits.

In the Gallery, your combatants can be observed on the orbiting Quarry Station. A purpose-built environment filled with deadly traps and hidden dangers. Prizes are offered for every kill, with bonuses for rogue elements. Only an elite hunter can survive the End-Game. Do you have a worthy champion? Kill or be killed: the only rule of the Death-Match…

Written By:Matt Fitton

Directed By: Nicholas Briggs



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  • K9 refers to Leela’s departure from the TARDIS. (Requiem for the Rocket Men)
  • The Doctor refers to The Asteroid. (Requiem for the Rocket Men)
  • The Rocket Men installed a propulsion unit in K9 while he was in their possession. (Requiem for the Rocket Men)
  • The Doctor tells Kastrella that he and the Master were at school together. (The Sea Devils, Divided Loyalties)
  • Leela once again refers to The Master as “the Evil One”. (The Evil One, Requiem for the Rocket Men)
  • The Master reminds The Doctor that the Time Lords once brought beings to the Death Zone on Gallifrey and forced them to fight each other in the Game of Rassilon. (The Five Doctors)
  • Leela refers to the Sevateem. (The Face of Evil)
  • The Doctor believes that K9 should remain with Leela in order to keep an eye on her. (The Invasion of Time)
  • The Master refers to Shandar. (Requiem for the Rocket Men)
  • Leela mentions the Horda. (The Face of Evil)
  • After Marshall’s death, Leela swears that she will never bond again. However, she would later fall in love with Andred. (The Invasion of Time) they eventually married. (Arc of Infinity)

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