Death to the Daleks

Death to the Daleks
Death to the Daleks


In this exciting space adventure The Doctor (Jon Pertwee) is forced into a desperate race against time…

An inexplicable power-loss strands the TARDIS on the sinister planet Exxilon where The Doctor meets an expedition from Earth seeking a rare material that can cure the virulent space plague that threatens all human life throughout the galaxy. Nearby, Sarah discovers a mysterious, living Citadel but is captured by the savage Exxilons who prepare her for sacrifice…

The Doctor must uncover the secrets of the ancient Exxilon City, locate the source of the power-drain, save Sarah and help the Earth expedition. But his plans are threatened by new arrivals on the planet – The Doctor’s oldest and deadliest enemies – the Daleks!

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  • Death to the Daleks was the third story of season 11
  • Sarah Jane’s first trip in the TARDIS to an alien world
  • Parrinium is a chemical that is rare on Earth but is as common as salt on Exxilon. It’s the cure for the space plague, which was caused by the Daleks”plague missiles”.
  • Sulphagen tablets are pain killers.

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