Death to the Daleks


Death to the Daleks


Pages 125
ISBN 0-426-20042-X
Publication Date 20 July 1978


A mysterious power-loss strands the TARDIS on Exxilon, a sinister fog-shrouded alien planet. Forced to brave the dangers of the planet, The Doctor meets the survivors of a beleaguered expedition from Earth searching for a precious mineral that can save the galaxy from a terrible space-plague.

Sarah finds a mysterious super-City and becomes a captive of the savage Exxilons, and, worst of all, The Doctor’s greatest enemies, the dreaded Daleks, arrive on a secret mission of their own.
What terrifying power makes captives of all who come to the planet? What is the secret of the mysterious deserted City with its great flashing beacon?

And what sinister plan has brought the Daleks to Exxilon? The Doctor and Sarah must risk their lives time and again in a desperate attempt to foil the Daleks and savemillions of humans from the horrific plague.



  • Prologue
  1. Death of a TARDIS
  2. The Ambush
  3. Expedition from Earth
  4. The Deadly Arrivals
  5. A Truce with Terror
  6. The Sacrifice
  7. Escape to the Unknown
  8. Bellal
  9. The Pursuit
  10. The City Attacks
  11. The Trap
  12. The Nightmare
  13. The Antibodies
  14. The Last Victory


  • The Dalek’s replacement weapons are referred to as “machine guns” (i.e., fully automatic slug-throwers); in the television story, the weapons appeared to function as semi-automatics.
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